M2 Contractor specializes in commercial and residential construction.

We are an aggressive company that thinks outside the box getting the job done. Our versatility and willingness to tackle any job sets us apart from the competition.

Meet the M2 Contractors Team

Mike Reed


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Grant Martin

Construction Specialist

Hi, my name is Grant! I have been in the construction field of work for about 13 years now. "I can" is my motto. Having performed a wide spectrum of construction work, I can competently perform almost any type of construction.

Outside of work, I am a father of two and a veteran of the war on terror. I enjoy being invlolved in my childrens sports, as well as fishing and hunting with them. Grilling on Sunday is a favorite of mine. PS! yo hablo espanol!!

Bill Dvorak

Trim Carpenter

Bill has proven to be reliable and professional. Bill is currently pursuing his master degree in public relations . He enjoys working out and

Jeff Brookes

Construction Specialist

Jeff has proven to be a versatile worker ''Jack of all trades". Jeff is a former army ranger and veteran of war. He enjoys fishing and

Ian Lewellin

Trim Carpenter

Ian's specialty is trim work. He is precise and reliable. Ian enjoys a mixed drink while using his smoker.

Ryan Neilson

Trim Carpenter

Ryan is a fine trim carpenter by nature. He is very precise and pays attention to detail. When it comes to custom woodworking Ryan is perfect for the job. He is a workaholic but enjoys fishing when he finds the time.